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Listen to Lou's recording of "Road Song" from his album Urban Life arraigned by Chris White

Free Outdoor Concert

Latest News: The "Not so Big Band will be performing on Tuesday August 2 2016 from 12:30pm - 1:30pm at Rudin Company Concourse located at 345 Park Avenue at 51st in Manhattan. Come out and hear the band in a delightful outdoor setting.

Back at the Zinc Bar

After a great performance on June 28th the "Not so Big Band will be performing on Wednesday August 30th at the Zinc Bar 8pm to 11pm in NYC. The Zinc Bar is located at 82 West 3rd Street (btw Thompson & Sullivan) Greenwich Village New York NY 10012 tel. 212-477-ZINC (9462)

Click on the Schedule page for a complete listing of where Lou is preforming. Come visit him as some of NYC's finest jazz clubs.

Some Reviews on Lou's new album.

CD Review:

LOU CAPUTO’S NO SO BIG BAND/Uh Oh!: He might be a Billyberg native but Caputo is no hipster trustafarian that talks the talk but never walks the walk. A regularly working unit, this crew is called a not so big band because it ‘only’ has ten pieces instead of 16 or more---and if that’s the only knock on this bunch…. Tried and true swingers, they can take you around the block with a bunch of stops in between, all of which are played to perfection throughout. Tasty stuff that comes from being powered by chops forged in the working musician’s crucible, this is a fine example of a party on a platter, jazzbo style. Check it out.

CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher

I'm glad he did the Don Elliott song "Uh Oh", one of my favorites. From the Nutty Squirrels to Billy May and now to Lou. Interesting I was just talking to Donn Trenner about that song. Lou has a great band and you did some nice liner notes for the CD.

The "all-new" BIG BAND SWING
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album cover

Just released is a brand new CD (Un Oh!) produced by Lou featuring Lou's "Not So Big Band".


  • Lou Caputo (Alto, Soprano, Baritone Saxophones, Clarinet, Flute and Alto Flute
  • Geoffry Burke & Virginia Mayhew (Saxophone)
  • John Eckert & Dave Smith (Trumpet)
  • Jason Ingram(Trombone)
  • Dale Turk (Tuba)
  • Bill Crow (Bass)
  • Joel Perry (Guitar)
  • Don Stein (Piano)
  • Mike Campenni & Rudy Petschauer (Drums)
  • Warren Smith (Vibraphone)
  • Eddie Montalvo & Leopoldo Fleming (Precussion)

It is available at CD Baby.

Some of Lou's Instruments

  • Lou on the soprano saxophone
  • Lou on the baritone saxophone
  • Lou on the flute
  • Lou on the clarinet
  • Lou on his alto saxophone, leading the band